Epiphany!! I should build Greenhouse made of free Pallets

30 May

Okay so about 4 months ago I had an Epiphany of growing my own organic non-gmo garden and doing it in a greenhouse. So I started googling around for ideas and pricing etc. OMG I never knew green houses cost soo much and the reasonable price ones are made of plastic and look like if the big bad wolf came he could huff and puff it down.

I needed a better plan. So back to google it was..I search how to build greenhouses free and out of picture frames – this idea was quickly tossed after I realized how breakable picture frame glass really is… yeah I dropped one.. the next idea was using plastic bottles, I saw it on you tube..but i would have needed 10000 bottles for this idea.. Still I was amazed by the many articles and youtube videos on people building their own free small homes.. the best idea I saw turned out to be a Pallet house I would convert into my greenhouse..

I would build my own greenhouse with used products and do it for under $100 bucks or less!!

My first thought was where am I going to get these pallets?? Turned out the company I worked for was more than happy to give me free pallets they couldn’t use!! : ) My dad had a truck and the wheels started turning. I drew up some plans and measured my yard super excited!! Then it rained and rained…and rained some more..I thought *geesh* so much for my greenhouse I may need to build an ARK.. could this be a  sign from God collect pallets and build my child.. hmmm maybe

The rain stopped and over many weekends, I threw out my measurements worked from trial and error, took a mini vaca to Puerto Rico, more rain, some functional problems We DID IT!!  We built a greenhouse totally free, with used supplies all donated and pick up off criagslist..With the help of my Dad i’ve learn how to use cool powertools, my beloved circular saw, and we built a 12 x 12 greenhouse, with a patio and child size door for my son! Hooray!!

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So here a quick break down of what my house consists of:

Free Items:

Free Pallets, A free screen door, A free window, use nails, Free fence posts, Free used kitchen under lay wood, Free screen windows, and Free 2×4’s

Items I brought:

Rust proof screws, A roll of craft acrylic plastic – this plastic is strong and way cheap then buying sheets of poly- A new circular saw – on sale for $20 bucks at the hardware store. Lawn fabric 3 for $1 Christmas tree shop, a planter box- *Really didn’t need this box, Im using the pallets to plant in* and some dollar store garden stones with inspirational sayings… My Garden, My Heaven… Faith, Peace, love… I really want my garden to be a tranquil place.

So this is my first thing I’ve ever built with my dad in forever, great bonding time, my 1st greenhouse, and my very 1st garden. My son, 3-yrs old- had a ball building too…Had his little workbench and goggles on sawing wood lol.

Took a while as we work only on the weekends and non rainy days but we got it done!!! I can do all things : )

 Planting starts this week!!

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